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cherubcheeks-deactivated2011050 said: Hi there! I'm in dire need of some advice. I'm studying Fashion Design and for this semester we're required to do a decade research on fashion trends and then develop a range of modern clothes taking inspiration from that decade. I have to pick one garment from my range and then construct it; it can either be a dress OR a blouse and skirt.
I can't decide whether to go or 50s or 70s! I mean I love the pin-up fashion and pencil skirts from the 50s and 70s has more of the androgynous look so would be hard to develop a range of skirts or dresses? What do you recommend?
Thanks so much for taking time to read this!

I think it seems that the 70’s would be more of a challenge for you, which could bring you more satisfactory benefits because you’ll be challenged and have to devise ways to develop your skirts and dresses. I believe you’ll learned more if you pick the option that brings you more challenge. This should push your limits, knew things should come this experience. 

Also, androgynous look could have much potential for development because there are many factors that are influencing such look. The process of morphing men/women clothing to fit women/men. That could be something to think about. Remember that those who strive are those who push the boundaries. Good luck and hope my advice helps you!